Saturday, June 22, 2013

Minon Group Hug

My minions Edi Rachet and Rigby give Charles a big ol' hug.

Sarah's Minions

Meet my three Despicable me/Minion fan characters Edi Ratchet, Charles Hammerton and Rigby.

Baby Ricky Wolfe

This is my other RML fan character, Meet Ricky he's the son of Rocko and Heffer he's also the brother of Holly, Ricky is a wallaby like Rocko but he takes after Heffer.

Baby Holly Wolfe

This is my Rocko's Modern Life fan character Holly she's the daughter of Rocko and Heffer, she also has a brother named Ricky, Even though Holly looks like Heffer she takes after Rocko.

NOTE: she's not a product of M-preg she was born the same way Filber's kids were born, from a stork egg.